365 Moderate: Weeks 7+8

365 Moderate: Weeks 7+8

This Week:
Class 13: Posterior, please... (hinge+push)
Class 14: You Can Bent Press (squat+pull)
Class 15: Split jerk, jump or pogo? (kettlebell cardio)
Class 16: Lovestoned Lateral (unilateral accessories/rotation/abs)

Please complete classes in order, completing x4 strength and cardio sessions per week, then REPEATING sessions IN ORDER the following week. We work with a double repetition cadence (you repeat each class twice) in most Bells Up Studio programs because repetition is the best way to experience change. Due to this, we offer full video classes and written versions of each class; you can choose to use the video twice, use a combo of video and written programs, or only use the written program.

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365 Moderate: Weeks 7+8
  • 365 Moderate: Weeks 7+8 (Classes 13+14+15+16)

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    Written version of weeks 7+8 from the program, 365 Moderate (Classes 13+14+15+16).

  • 365 Moderate, Class 13: Posterior, please... (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 40 minutes
    class 13 of 20
    program focus: lower body hinge+upper body horizontal and vertical push

    Today's session is all about posterior chain strength. We'll work your glutes, hips and hamstrings with staggered stance deadlifts in interval format, followed by explosive ...

  • 365 Moderate, Class 14: You Can Bent Press (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 47 minutes
    class 14 of 20
    program focus: squat+upper body horizontal and vertical pull

    Rotate, pull and get that a$$ to grass. Today's session combines heavy squats and horizontal+vertical pulls for a balanced strength training session in interval format. We'll also prac...

  • 365 Moderate, Class 15: Split jerk, jump or pogo? (CARDIO)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 33 minutes
    class 15 of 20
    program focus: kettlebell cardio

    Today's cardio session in a Zone 2 masterpiece with a few moderate kettlebells. We'll build through intervals of single arm swings, jerks or push presses and optional split jerks to elevate your heart rate to a s...

  • 365 Moderate, Class 16: Lovestoned Lateral (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 46 minutes
    class 16 of 20
    program focus: lateral+abs+core

    We <3 lateral movements and hopefully you do, too. Today's session is here to work through unsexy accessories that make a big difference in a well- rounded training plan: lateral lower body sets and targeted abs...