Beginner Cardio Classes

Beginner Cardio Classes

Our cardio classes are meant to make you sweat, one goblet clean at a time...

Perfect as stand alone classes, or in combination with Bells Up Beginner level strength program classes, our cardio series will help you perfect technique, gain strength and improve endurance. All beginner cardio classes focus on basic movements, including cleans, non-jumping bodyweight and kettlebell swings with modifications. Each class is delivered via a full length video and written program, so you always have options and visibility in to what's ahead. Classes can be repeated multiple times and chosen by time frame (no specific order).

If you're following the Bell Up TV Beginner Program, we recommend completing x2 or x4 strength classes per week, then following the cadence of repetition (repeat classes in sets of x4 before moving on. Example: complete classes 1-4, then repeat 1-4 before moving on to class 5). Cardio classes can be added to your week, especially as you begin to feel stronger, or on days with time constraints.

We recommend that beginners start conservative and avoid training more than x4-5 times per week.

Sample Beginner Schedule with x1 cardio class per week (x5 total classes per week):

Monday: strength class (repeat same class second week)
Tuesday: cardio class (repeat same class, choose a different cardio class, or rest)
Wednesday: strength class (repeat same class second week)
Thursday: rest day (repeat rest day second week)
Friday: strength class (repeat same class second week)
Saturday: strength class (repeat same class second week)

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Beginner Cardio Classes
  • 20 Minute Beginner Cardio: Sweat Like It's Your Job

    Trainer: Missy
    Duration: 20 minutes
    Class Type: Full Video

    This session builds on beginner explosive movements for a burst of cardio. We start with single side dead cleans and build to single side thrusters for a high heart rate experience. This class should feel like an 8 out of 10 rate of perc...

  • 10 Minute Beginner Cardio: Move Your Body

    Trainer: Missy
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Class Type: Full Video

    This session starts with explosive hip hinge positions and goblet cleans, challenging breathing, core strength and balance. We then transition to single side dead cleans as a progression. This class should feel like a 7 out of 10 rate of...