Beginner Movement Tutorials

Beginner Movement Tutorials

A collection of tutorial videos important for beginner levels.

These videos are meant to supplement learning basic kettlebell technique beyond classes. If you're struggling with a particular movement or simply want more in depth explanations, demonstrations and drills to practice than offered in classes, these videos break down step-by-step.

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Beginner Movement Tutorials
  • Tutorial: Plank and Hollow Hold

    The plank and bodyweight hollow hold are positions that come up often, from cues for kettlebell swings to pull-ups. It is important to understand how to hold a tense plank and hollow position for safe lifting, control of the body, and maximization of bracing and breath work. Missy demonstrates ho...

  • Tutorial: Hinge Technique

    A hip hinge is a foundation for strong deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and other ballistic movement patterns. In this short video, Missy helps illustrate the difference between a hinge and squat, plus gives examples of different types of foot-stance positions in a conventional deadlift.

  • Tutorial: Desk Sitter Session

    Trainer: Missy
    Duration: 8 minutes
    RPE 7

    A short and sweet session for all-day desk sitters. Work your posterior chain, strengthen your core, and reset your central nervous system by moving through different postures.

    Equipment Recommendations: x1 light kettlebell

  • Tutorial: Basic Squat Technique

    If you've ever been confused about what your squat should look and feel like, hit click on this short tutorial to learn the basics of squat technique along with helpful tips to find your perfect squat stance.

  • Movement Tutorial: Single Arm Cleans

    The single arm clean is one of the (if not the) most important movements in kettlebell training because it's how we pick up a weight.

    Join this tutorial with Lacee to learn how to deadstop clean and swing clean with one arm, why we clean, how to use cleans and a few drills to practice between B...

  • Movement Tutorial: Breathing and Bracing

    Before we even move our bodyweight we need to understand breathing and bracing.

    Join this tutorial with Missy to learn how to breath into out ribs and expand our breath to help our movement.

  • Movement Tutorial: Goblet Clean

    The goblet clean is a basic movement that we use throughout all Bells Up TV Programs.

    Join this tutorial with Missy to learn how to goblet clean like a pro.

  • Movement Tutorial: Bilateral Deadlift

    Learning how to hinge is a life skill that we take seriously.

    Join this tutorial with Missy to learn how to why we hinge, how to hinge and a few drills to help along the way.

  • Movement Tutorial: Goblet Squat

    We squat all day everyday so the goblet squat is everywhere in every program.

    Join this tutorial with Missy to learn how to goblet squat our way to health.