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Classically Swole, Class 10: ThighMaster (STRENGTH)

10-Week Kettlebell Strength+Hypertrophy+Power • 43m

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    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 48 minutes
    class 11 of 20
    program focus: upper+abs

    Arms and abs with a snatch on the side. Join Lacee for today's upper body+core+abs set, where we'll mix push, push and arm-specific strength movements with optional snatches to finish. Today's class should feel like an o...

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    duration: 37 minutes
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    This moderate cardio-focused class blends kettlebell ballistic favorites (swings, push presses or jerks) with slower-paced movements (Turkish Get Ups, weighted hip shifts) to raise your heart rate and keep it steady. P...

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    duration: 48 minutes
    class 13 of 20
    program focus: squat+press+swing

    Say yes to RPE 8 squats, presses and swings. In this interval-based strength class, Lacee leads you through movement combinations of single racked squats and swings, along with a heavy press ladder. Please review...