The FitFourth Postpartum Tutorial: Your Get Strong Checklist Post-Birth

The FitFourth Postpartum Tutorial: Your Get Strong Checklist Post-Birth

Join Missy a deep dive through essential concepts new moms need to know before getting back to working out post-birth. Over the course of six videos, you'll learn breathing mechanics, connecting to the core/pelvic floor, why the posterior chain (back of body) is important to strengthen and how to connect the dots with safe movement. This short and easy to follow video series serves as a "checklist" before starting your movement program of choice. She gives basic, yet important education and tips, both by verbal instruction and movement practice.

After completing the Postpartum Tutorial, we recommend moving on to a FitFourth Program to solidify concepts, followed by our Beginner Onboarding Program or an Intermediate Program of your choice (for those that had a lifting practice during pregnancy).

Video One Breath+Posture
Video Two Core+Pelvic Floor
Video Three: Glutes+Hamstrings
Video Four: Inner Thigh + Mid Back
Video Five Crawl+Roll
Video Six: Connection

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The FitFourth Postpartum Tutorial: Your Get Strong Checklist Post-Birth
  • Postpartum Plan Video 4: Inner Thighs & Mid Back

    Video 4 focuses on the inner thighs and mid back. A tight and/or stretched mid back due to lack of abdominal support can cause low back pain and discomfort; the inner thighs can become weak/tight from supporting a baby. Learn how to strengthen these areas to alleviate tightness and improve overal...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 1: Breath & Posture

    Welcome to the first video in the FitFourth Postpartum Plan.

    In Video 1, we begin setting the foundation for movement with breath work and connection to the pelvic floor. These important concepts will carry over in to future strength programs and lessons in this video series.

    This class is bo...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 2: Core Strength

    Video 2 brings awareness to two common postpartum opportunities: healing the core and pelvic floor together. You'll learn how these areas are connected and why healing as one unit is possible and preferable through instruction and movement practice.

    This class is bodyweight-friendly (yoga mat re...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 3: Glutes & Hamstrings

    Video 3 dives in to the hamstrings and glutes. Over-lengthened and weak hamstrings can happen naturally from the changes in posture due to carrying a baby and can linger after birth. Learning ways to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes with bodyweight movements before taking on running or other ...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 5: Crawl & Roll

    Video 5 covers the importance of rolling and crawling for shoulder and core strength. These movements are similar to how a baby moves and help a mother recover overstretch and weak muscles post-pregnancy.

    This class is bodyweight-friendly (yoga mat recommended).

    Key Movements:
    crawl position ho...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 6: Connection

    Video 6 is a culmination of all movements covered in your postpartum plan! Practice these movements 2-3 times per week for two weeks before moving on to a FitFourth training program.

    This class is bodyweight-friendly (yoga mat recommended).

    Key Movements:
    hip bridge
    hamstring slides
    crawl hol...