Hands on Bells 2.0: Weeks 3+4

Hands on Bells 2.0: Weeks 3+4

***PROGRAM RELEASE 6/30/24***

This Week:
Class 4: Pop a Quad (squat+lunge+pull)
Class 5: Deep Blue Hinge (hinge+push+power)
Class 6: Full Range Freedom (lower and upper push+pull mix)
Optional Cardio: HIIT the Spot (HIIT with kettlebells)

Please complete classes in order, completing x3 strength sessions per week with one optional cardio session, then REPEATING sessions IN ORDER the following week. We work with a double repetition cadence (you repeat each class twice) in most Bells Up Studio programs because repetition is the best way to experience change. Due to this, we offer full video classes and written versions of each class; you can choose to use the video twice, use a combo of video and written programs, or only use the written program.

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Hands on Bells 2.0: Weeks 3+4
  • Hand on Bells 2.0: Weeks 3+4 (Classes 4+5+6+optional cardio)

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    Written version of weeks 3+4 from the program: Hand on Bells 2.0 (Classes 4+5+6+optional cardio).

  • Hands on Bells 2.0, Class 4: Pop a Quad (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 52 minutes
    class 4 of 15
    program focus: squat+lunge+pull

    Today's session mixes single racked squats (sneaky abs) with horizontal rows and curtsey lunges. This is a longer session than usual, so plan accordingly with weight selection to hit an overall RPE 8 for you.


  • Hands on Bells 2.0, Class 5: Deep Blue Hinge (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 43 minutes
    class 5 of 15
    program focus: hinge+push+power

    Join Lacee for this posterior chain and shoulder-focused session. You'll lift heavy through EMOM intervals of deadlifts, presses and push presses, with a mix of power from single arm swings. Bring a moderate weight...

  • Hands on Bells 2.0, Class 6: Full Range Freedom (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 34 minutes
    class 6 of 15
    program focus: lower and upper push+pull mix

    Today's session mixes lower and upper body accessory movements for a well-rounded hypertrophy session. We add in Turkish Get Ups for rotational/mobility work and optional chin ups if you have a chin up...

  • High Intensity Cardio: HIIT the Spot (CARDIO)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 35 minutes
    program focus: HIIT kettlebell cardio

    Join Lacee for this intermediate/advanced level high intensity interval training set, mixing ballistic movements with kettlebells and bodyweight.

    key movements:
    *two-hand kettlebell swings (x1 heavy kettlebell you can s...