Strength Era: Week 3

Strength Era: Week 3

This Week:
Class 9: lateral loveeeeeeeerrrrrr (abs+core+lateral)
Class 10: slut! (Lacee's version) (kettlebell cardio)
Class 11: squats on the beach (squat+push)
Class 12: you're on your own cardio (kettlebell cardio)

Complete each strength and cardio class ONCE before moving on to the next week in this program.

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Strength Era: Week 3
  • Strength Era: Week 3 (Classes 9+10+11+12)

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    A written version of classes 9+10+11+12 from the program Strength Era.

  • Strength Era, Class 9: vigilante deadlifts (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 32 minutes

    Are you on your vigilante deadlift $h*t? Same. Let's warm up together, chat about your rep sets and get ready for revenge (I mean deads).

    program focus: glutes+quads (single racked reverse lunges, bilateral stance Romanian deadlifts), horizontal pull (bench r...

  • Strength Era, Class 10: you need to calm down (MOBILITY 2)

    Trainer: Lacee
    ***THIS IS A REPEAT OF CLASS 4 from the Strength Era Program***

    recover (see below) or rest (close the app)

    Join Lacee for a full-length mobility/recovery set, with included written program if you know the moves...

    equipment recommendations:
    *x1 light kettlebell or du...

  • Strength Era, Class 11: I forgot that you existed (my adductors) (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 37 minutes

    Forgot about your inner thighs? Join Lacee for a guided warm-up, followed by strength sets focused on lateral movements that will make your remember the difference between ABduction and ADduction.

    program focus: lateral movement+abdominals
    *dumbbell and kett...

  • Strength Era, Class 12: miss americana and the heartbreak circuit (CARDIO)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 23 minutes
    program focus: zone 2 cardio
    *dumbbell and kettlebell friendly
    *overall RPE 8

    equipment recommendations:
    *x1 moderate kettlebell you can press overhead for at least x5 reps and/or snatch

    intermediate level: follow video for kettlebell jerk cues and/or substit...