THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE: April 15th-21st, 2024

THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE: April 15th-21st, 2024

This week's class recommendation: Classes 5+6+7+8 from the program Classically Swole

If you are completing cardio/conditioning on your own outside of Bells Up Studio (example: running, spin classes, HIIT studio classes), please omit class 8.

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THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE: April 15th-21st, 2024
  • Classically Swole: Weeks 3+4 (Classes 5+6+7+8)

    4.98 MB

    Written version of weeks 3+4 from the program: Classically Swole (Classes 5+6+7+8).

  • Classically Swole, Class 5: Muscle Car (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 49 minutes
    class 5 of 20
    program focus: squat+press+swing

    Rev your engine with squats and swings. Today's session should push you to 80% overall effort with interval sets of tempo single racked squats and combos of single arm swings and strict presses. Bring a wedge or s...

  • Classically Swole, Class 6: 501's Fit Cheeks Like A Glove (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 50 minutes
    class 6 of 20
    program focus: hinge+upper body pull+power

    Hinge your heart out in this interval-based posterior chain (buns and back) strength class. We'll complete 1:1 work rest ratios so you can lift your heaviest reps for rounds. Advanced students: bring a p...

  • Classically Swole, Class 7: Secret Shoulder Sculpt (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    class 7 of 20
    program focus: upper+abs

    Shoulder sculpting, but, like really...

    Today's upper body and abs set works arms, chest and shoulder with a sprinkle of horizontal pulling for that Bells Up balance. This class is dumbbell/kettlebell friendly with a required mediu...

  • Classically Swole, Class 8: Not Your Mom's Elliptical (CARDIO)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 38 minutes
    class 8 of 20
    program focus: HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

    A little HIIT (once a week is enough, really). Today's session mixes short-burst intervals of kettlebell ballistic movements with extended recovery sets. True HIIT training: go all out during...