Classically Swole: Weeks 9+10+TEST

Classically Swole: Weeks 9+10+TEST

This Week:
Class 17: Squats Are The Way (squat+press swing)
Class 18: Hamstring Theory (hinge+pull+power)
Class 19: Tighty Mighty (mobility+rotation)
Class 20: Glass Skin Regimen (Zone 2 kettlebell cardio)
Final Benchmark Tests (.pdf only)

Please complete classes in order, completing x3 strength sessions per week with one optional cardio session, then REPEATING sessions IN ORDER the following week. We work with a double repetition cadence (you repeat each class twice) in most Bells Up Studio programs because repetition is the best way to experience change. Due to this, we offer full video classes and written versions of each class; you can choose to use the video twice, use a combo of video and written programs, or only use the written program.

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Classically Swole: Weeks 9+10+TEST
  • Classically Swole: Weeks 9+10 (Classes 17+18+19+20)

    4.98 MB

    Written version of weeks 9+10 from the program: Classically Swole (Classes 17+18+19+20)

  • Classically Swole: Final Benchmark Tests

    4.98 MB

    Final benchmark tests for the program Classically Swole.

  • Classically Swole, Class 17: Squats Are The WAY (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 43 minutes
    class 17 of 20
    program focus: squat+press+swing

    After completing a hip-focused warm up, we dive in to tempo squats and heavy strict presses with the option to swing or snatch. This interval-based class is appropriate for intermediate/advanced levels and should...

  • Classically Swole, Class 18: Hamstring Theory (STRENGTH)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 43 minutes
    class 18 of 20
    program focus: hinge+pull+power

    The tempo continues, and this time: your hamstrings will know what's up. Today's session mixes heavy bilateral stance deadlifts with b-stance deadlifts and an offset push up+bench row pairing. All strength sets ar...

  • Classically Swole, Class 19: Tighty Mighty (MOBILITY+ROTATION)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 60 minutes
    class 19 of 20
    program focus: mobility+rotation

    In this mobility focused class, Lacee leads you through the following sequences: breath work, feet+ankles+calves, hips+adductors, and back+shoulders+neck. This class is divided into sections with each section in...

  • Classically Swole, Class 20: Glass Skin Regimen (CARDIO)

    trainer: Lacee
    duration: 36 minutes
    class 20 of 20
    program focus: slow cardio

    Join Lacee for the intermediate/advanced level slow cardio class, mixing ballistic, core+abs and shoulder/back-focused movements. This is the final session for the program "Classically Swole."

    key movements: