WELCOME: Your Membership Guide

WELCOME: Your Membership Guide

Helpful resources to navigate your Bells Up TV Membership.

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WELCOME: Your Membership Guide
  • New Member Welcome Guide

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    A step-by-step guide for accessing the Bells Up TV app/digital class library via the web, how to follow a strength program and navigate the basics of a BUTV membership.

  • Kettlebell Buying Guide

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    Our recommendations for where to start when buying your kettlebell collection, or picking up bells at the gym. Use the code LACEE10 to purchase with 10% off from Kettlebell Kings at https://www.kettlebellkings.com/?afmc=gb

  • Meet Your Trainer: Lacee

    Lacee discovered kettlebell training in 2013; working with bells not only changed her body, but her entire career trajectory. She now helps clients build strong bodies with kettlebells, barbell and bodyweight training. She has earned numerous advanced kettlebell certifications and has helped coun...

  • Meet Your Trainer: Missy

    With a degree in dietetics and working as a personal trainer since college, Melissa has 15 years of fitness and nutrition experience.

    Since the birth of her sons in 2014 and 2018, her business shifted to working with prenatal and postnatal women seeking guidance in safe and effective ways to r...

  • Our Mission

    Lacee and Missy share why they created Bells Up TV and their greater mission as female leaders in the fitness industry.

  • Why Strength?

    Lacee and Missy share why structured training programs and a focus on strength are the glue we all need to keep it together.