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Watch Postpartum Plan Video 2: Core Strength

Watch Postpartum Plan Video 2: Core Strength


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Postpartum Plan Video 2: Core Strength

The FitFourth Postpartum Tutorial • 9m 48s

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    Video 3 dives in to the hamstrings and glutes. Over-lengthened and weak hamstrings can happen naturally from the changes in posture due to carrying a baby and can linger after birth. Learning ways to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes with bodyweight movements before taking on running or other ...

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    Video 4 focuses on the inner thighs and mid back. A tight and/or stretched mid back due to lack of abdominal support can cause low back pain and discomfort; the inner thighs can become weak/tight from supporting a baby. Learn how to strengthen these areas to alleviate tightness and improve overal...

  • Postpartum Plan Video 5: Crawl & Roll

    Video 5 covers the importance of rolling and crawling for shoulder and core strength. These movements are similar to how a baby moves and help a mother recover overstretch and weak muscles post-pregnancy.

    This class is bodyweight-friendly (yoga mat recommended).

    Key Movements:
    crawl position ho...