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Video 3, The Last Snatch: The Drop

The Last Snatch: Tutorial Series+Program • 8m 11s

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  • Video 4, The Last Snatch: The Other Arm

    The other arm needs no introduction: it might be working, it might be hanging, it might be hopelessly uncoordinated. Good news: this five minute tutorial will help you tame and train your opposite arm to help the flow instead of go agains the current.

    Duration: 5 minutes

    Equipment Recommendati...

  • Video 5, The Last Snatch: How To Breathe

    Breathing will make or break endurance snatching, heavy snatching and your ability to maintain a core brace through motion. This is one of the most important videos of the series and something that should be practiced actively once the mechanics of the punch+drop are flowing. You'll learn when an...

  • Video 6, The Last Snatch: Drills+Prac...

    There isn't a magical drill that will help you snatch overnight. Kettlebell snatching takes practice, patience and reps (but not too many at once). The best approach is small bouts of practice at a time, especially if your hands and forearms don't yet have a tolerance to high volume kettlebell tr...