Strength Era: Week 2

Strength Era: Week 2

This Week:
Class 5: lateral loveeeeeeeerrrrrr (abs+core+lateral)
Class 6: slut! (Lacee's version) (kettlebell cardio)
Class 7: squats on the beach (squat+push)
Class 8: you're on your own cardio (kettlebell cardio)

Complete each strength and cardio class ONCE before moving on to the next week in this program.

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Strength Era: Week 2
  • Strength Era: Week 2 (Classes 5+6+7+8)

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    A written version of classes 5+6+7+8 from the program Strength Era.

  • Strength Era, Class 5: lateral loveeeeeeeerrrrrr (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Class 5 of 24
    Duration: 38 minutes

    We all need to fall in love with lateral movements, over and over (and over) again. Join Lacee for a guided warm-up, followed by a short set for abs+core, lateral lunges and split squats.

    program focus: lateral movement+abdominals
    *dumbbell and...

  • Strength Era, Class 6: slut! (Lacee's version) (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Class 6 of 24
    Duration: 23 minutes

    Lacee's version of a warm up: breaking a small sweat, elevating your heart rate and practicing movement patterns to come (!). This class opens with a quick warm up, followed by Zone 2 cardio with one kettlebell. Be prepared to practice jerks or p...

  • Strength Era, Class 7: squats on the beach (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Class 7 of 24
    Duration: 32 minutes

    program focus: squat (kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell), overhead push (double strict presses), power (two hand kettlebell swings)

    equipment recommendations:
    *x2 moderate to heavy kettlebells or dumbbells (RPE 7 double racked squats x6 reps)
    *x2 ma...

  • Strength Era, Class 8: You're On Your Own, Cardio

    Trainer: Lacee
    Class 8 of 24
    Duration: 39 minutes

    Today's cardio set is all about you (and Lacee), because you're never on your own, kid (full length video).

    program focus: kettlebell cardio

    equipment recommendations:
    *x1 light kettlebell or dumbbell (arm bar)
    *x1 two-hand swing weight kettleb...