Strength Era: Week 5

Strength Era: Week 5

This Week:
Class 17: long story squats (lateral+abs+core)
Class 18: all the programs you loved before (kettlebell cardio)
Class 19: squat it off (squat+push)
Class 20: karma cardio (cardio)

Complete each strength and cardio class ONCE before moving on to the next week in this program.

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Strength Era: Week 5
  • Strength Era: Week 5 (Classes 17+18+19+20)

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    A full written version of classes 17+18+19+20 from the program, Strength Era.

  • Strength Era, Class 17: I wish you would lateral lunge (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 34 minutes
    Class 17 of 24

    Join Lacee for a guided warm-up, followed by strength sets focused on lateral movements that will be hard to forget, even if you're driving in your car at 2 a.m.

    program focus: lateral movement+abdominals
    *dumbbell and kettlebell friendly

  • Strength Era, Class 18: all the programs you loved before

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Class 18 of 24

    All the cardio you've loved before, mixed in to one 30-minute kettlebell session.

    program focus: zone 2 cardio
    *dumbbell and kettlebell friendly
    *overall RPE 8

    key movements: squat to press, strict press, jerk, optional split jerk

    equipment r...

  • Strength Era, Class 19: squat it off (STRENGTH)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 35 minutes
    Class 19 of 24

    Squat it off: quite literally, it's time to RPE 9 those weights a$$ to gra$$.

    program focus: squat (kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell), overhead push (single side strict presses), power (single arm kettlebell swings)

    equipment recommendations:

  • Strength Era, Class 20: karma cardio (CARDIO)

    Trainer: Lacee
    Duration: 18 minutes
    Class 20 of 24

    Karma is the cardio that you do on Tuesdays.

    program focus: kettlebell cardio

    key movements: push presses, double racked lunges, jerks, optional snatches

    equipment recommendations:
    *x1 light kettlebell or dumbbell (arm bar, warm up push press...