Movement Tutorial Library

Movement Tutorial Library

A collection of videos to help you learn and practice common movements used throughout Bells Up TV programs with kettlebells and your own body weight.

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Movement Tutorial Library
  • Tutorial Series: Intro to Macronutrient Counting

    Join Lacee for this 60-minute session covering the basics of macronutrient counting.

    This video is a recording of a live presentation for Bells Up TV members via Zoom. This is not to serve nutrition or dietary recommendations.

    For follow-up: please read the book "Flexible Dieting" by Alan Arag...

  • Tutorial: Kettlebell Swing, Video 1

    In the first video of our kettlebell swing tutorial series, Lacee explains the foundation of a kettlebell swing, bodyweight mechanics, and how to exert force to lift a kettlebell in motion. Through dialogue and demonstrations, this video sets the foundations for a strong swing.

    After completing...

  • Tutorial: Turkish Get Up Tips

    A video with Lacee's favorite tips for cleaning up your Turkish Get Up.

  • Tutorial: Desk Sitter Session

    Trainer: Missy
    Duration: 8 minutes
    RPE 7

    A short and sweet session for all-day desk sitters. Work your posterior chain, strengthen your core, and reset your central nervous system by moving through different postures.

    Equipment Recommendations: x1 light kettlebell

  • Tutorial: Basic Squat Technique

    If you've ever been confused about what your squat should look and feel like, hit click on this short tutorial to learn the basics of squat technique along with helpful tips to find your perfect squat stance.

  • Tutorial: Upper Back & Neck Help

    A tight upper back and neck can happen to anyone: stress, holding repetitive positions (sitting, chin down posture) and weakness can all be contributing factors. Missy demonstrates a few movements that can be added to your pre-strength session warm-up to help with tight and over-stretched upper b...