• Bells Up Membership

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    A Bells Up Membership gives you the flexibility to follow a program of recorded strength and cardio classes at your level of ability via our on demand library. Our classes follow an intended order to progress your technique and strength over time. We take the random out of your class line up with...

  • 4-Week Kettlebell Strength & Cardio Reset

    20 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    Welcome your 20 (day)+20 (minutes) strength reset for intermediate/advanced levels!

    This 4-week program will help you start a strength training habit, push your reset button, or find consistent training during busy times in life. Reset your strength training practice with twenty, twenty-minute ...

  • 6-Week Kettlebell 20-30 Minute Total Body Strength

    24 videos  |   Buy $34.99

    Efficient total body strength and cardio in 20-30 minutes.

    The Bells Up Studio program, Strength Era, includes a 24-session (6 week) program focused on total body strength and conditioning, done in 20-30 minutes each day.

    What to expect:
    *upper and lower body splits with kettlebells and optiona...

  • 10-Week Kettlebell Strength+Learn to Bent Press

    20 videos  |   Buy $49.99

    The true test of grit is a moderate program to roll with long term...

    Welcome to the Bells Up Studio program, 365 Moderate!

    This 20-session program (10 weeks) focuses on total body strength in split format (lower+upper body days), with one recommended conditioning class per week. We'll work on ...

  • 10-Week Kettlebell Strength+Hypertrophy+Power

    21 videos  |   Buy $49.99

    Welcome to the Bells Up Studio program, Classically Swole (Intermediate/Advanced Level)!

    This 20-session program (10 weeks) focuses on total body strength and hypertrophy (heavy sets) in "traditional" kettlebell programming format (low rep, hight set), with one recommended conditioning class per...

  • 10-Week Kettlebell Basics (with a twist)

    18 videos  |   Buy $49.99

    A program of basic strength movements with an elevated touch.

    The Bells Up Studio 10-week intermediate/advanced program "Elevated Basics" is focused on upper/lower body and core strength, with an optional x4 days-per-week training schedule using kettlebells and dumbbells. Three full-length video...

  • Snatch Tutorial Series+12-week Snatch Test Program

    7 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    It's the (maybe) first and (definitely) last snatch tutorial you'll ever need...

    Join Lacee for a special series to teach you how to snatch, plus prep you to complete the infamous 5-minute snatch test. This tutorial and program will provide guidance for beginners, tips for technique and a plan t...