The Last Snatch Tutorial You'll Ever Need

The Last Snatch Tutorial You'll Ever Need

It's the (maybe) first and (definitely) last snatch tutorial you'll ever need...

Join Lacee for a special series to teach you how to snatch, plus prep you to complete the infamous 5-minute snatch test. This tutorial and program will provide guidance for beginners, tips for technique and a plan to take you from zero to snatch over the course of three months.

*appropriate for all levels, but experience cleaning and swinging kettlebells a MUST
*six videos including a mixture of demonstrations, drills, written cues and slow motion movements
*special BONUS video at the conclusion of the tutorial series covering double and dead stop-style kettlebell snatches
*12-week .pdf training plan for the 5 minute snatch test included
*holy Grail Snatch Test Tips guide included

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The Last Snatch Tutorial You'll Ever Need
  • Video 1, The Last Snatch: A Strong Set Up

    Welcome to the first video for your journey from zero to snatch!

    This video will set the stage with mechanics from your feet to fingertips, with a side of explosive hip hinge. Movement is not required, but if you learn through moving, keep an optional medicine ball and kettlebell close as you wa...

  • Video 2, The Last Snatch: Single Arm Swings+Half Punches

    Video 2 introduces a movement that will make up a huge part of your snatch training (single arm swings for the win), as well as half punching practice. The half punch will help you find your unique "weightless" point, a key component of snatching a bell overhead with ease. After this video, you'l...

  • Video 3, The Last Snatch: The Drop

    Video 3 focuses on a technique overview of the snatch drop, with drills at the finish to practice single arm swings, half punches, full punches and the drop. This video put the up and down phases together.

    Duration: 8 minutes

    Equipment Recommendations: x1 kettlebell you can press overhead for ...

  • Video 4, The Last Snatch: The Other Arm

    The other arm needs no introduction: it might be working, it might be hanging, it might be hopelessly uncoordinated. Good news: this five minute tutorial will help you tame and train your opposite arm to help the flow instead of go agains the current.

    Duration: 5 minutes

    Equipment Recommendati...

  • Video 5, The Last Snatch: How To Breathe

    Breathing will make or break endurance snatching, heavy snatching and your ability to maintain a core brace through motion. This is one of the most important videos of the series and something that should be practiced actively once the mechanics of the punch+drop are flowing. You'll learn when an...

  • Video 6, The Last Snatch: Drills+Practice

    There isn't a magical drill that will help you snatch overnight. Kettlebell snatching takes practice, patience and reps (but not too many at once). The best approach is small bouts of practice at a time, especially if your hands and forearms don't yet have a tolerance to high volume kettlebell tr...

  • BONUS Video, The Last Snatch: Double+Dead Stop Snatches

    Once you've mastered the punch and drop of the single kettlebell snatch, add double snatches and dead stop snatches to your skill practice!
    This video covers how to progress double kettlebell swings to double snatches, as well as use vertical force to snatch a bell from a dead stop position (no m...

  • 12-Week Snatch Test Program

    79.4 KB

    A 12-Week program to take you from zero to a 5-minute snatch endurance test completion.

  • Lacee's Snatch Test Holy Grail

    540 KB

    Advice for completing and training for a snatch test or kettlebell certification snatch test.